15 July 2009

Playing In The Park. Park City, That Is!

Park City, Utah
Justin and Ty had such a fun week together.
Another caramel apple. This
was his favorite kind...caramel and Heath bar.

We are soooo glad Derek got to jump on the trampoline.
He patiently waited an hour and a half for his 10 minute
turn. All that waiting...and one of the bands
snapped and gave him a nice burn on his arm!
He was a good sport. (And so were his parents who
took turns waiting in line with him!)

Green green green everywhere. It was beautiful. By the
way...how was that zipline ride, Kevin?
David comes in "home" on the coaster.

We were all very impressed Call could hold the levers
down that released the brakes with both feet,
and shoot this video the entire length of the ride.
I love his sound affects.
It may not look like it is going fast...
be not deceived!


  1. Hillarious video of Call's amazing no-handed ride!

  2. What a fabulous trip, I love all the flower pictures and feel the same way. Great family, very lucky!!! Really nice place too.