15 July 2009

Non-Stop Fun

These are the 'good old days.'
(No trip to see Grandma would
be complete without going shopping.)
Anne Marie wanted to take a little fan with her to
Africa. The only one we could find was one that let
her program a message onto the blades.

Dodd and Zan's family

Chandler and Karen (far left) will soon
be married in the Los Angeles Temple.

Biking by Hoover Dam

~Each day of our lives we make deposits in
the memory banks of our children.
~Charles R. Swindoll

Kevin and Kris check out the GPS Kevin
gave him for Christmas.

I love hearing Kris tell our children stories about growing
up. They have heard many times how he and Kevin
were called "Big Hyer" and "Little Hyer." Kris shares that
even though Kevin was a few years older, he rarely kept him
from tagging along and playing with all of the bigger guys.
Good brother.

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  1. I have never seen a fan like that, what will they think of next. Great pictures. Fun family.