10 July 2009

Let The Party(s) Begin!

True to form...we pulled into Vegas and about one hour later
were partying with the family at a beautiful hotel. Kris' brother
surprised his wife on her ___th Birthday!

Dodd and Zan Hyer
No. Those names don't include any typos. I think when
they check in at a restaurant they give the names
of 'Bob and Jan' just to avoid the inevitable
questions about their unusual names.

It took the three brothers, Dodd, Kris, and Kevin no time
at all to start comparing 'apps.'
Derek...thinking 'outside the box.'
I thought his ladder was clever!
Chase and his girlfriend, Natasha.
Anne Marie, Mayce, and Annalise
(The 'other' girl cousin...the BRIDE on this day...was
busy taking photos elsewhere!)


  1. Happy birthday to Zan! I sure miss seeing her every Sunday at church.

  2. Love it, love it. I'm Just catching up!

  3. Chase has a super cute girlfriend. The girl cousins are all so adorable.