04 July 2009

Into Africa

Anne Marie is now in Ghana.
You can visit her blog at:
to see what she is up to and how her days will be spent.

Some things continue to fascinate me. That we can
be standing and breathing
in one country one day, hop on an airplane and fly through the air
for several hours only to land and hop off in a completely new place,
surrounded by a people who stand and breath in a different country
is nothing short of miraculous. What a world we do live in.


  1. Thanks for putting that on there. People have already said "hello" since I've been here probably thanks to you letting them know I'm here!
    Love ya

  2. We are all praying for Anne Marie here at the Falke house. It is great that she narrating her adventure for us to share.

  3. I will be checking out her site- is she studying abroad?

  4. it is truly amazing. in a matter of hours you can literally travel around the world... and to think that there was a day when people believed the world was flat! i'll have to check out anna marie's blog... what an amazing experience for her. keep in touch!

  5. Thanks for the invite to Anne Marie's blog it was so cool to see pictures of Ghana. We will be checking in