20 June 2009

Secrets. Numbers 102-104

(Photo Circa 1998)
Hats made by a very young Anne Marie

Several years ago our children gave Kris a small book
 entitled "101 Secrets A Good Dad Knows."  The
 Chapters include 'secrets' such as:

*How to Put a Worm on a Hook
*How to Shinny Up a Tree
*How to Pop a Wheelie
*How to Skip a Rock
*How to Slide into Second
*How to Find the North Star
*How to Rescue a Baby Bird
*How to Head a Soccer Ball
*How to Coo through Your Hands

After posting the photo above, I thought secret #102 in 
the book could have been "How to be a Good Sport."  

Robert Rowan, Marie's Father

Ten thousand high school students in Kansas were
asked what question they would ask their parents
and want an honest, direct answer about.  Eighty
percent replied:  "Do you love me?"  The next most
asked question: "If you had to do it all over again,
"Would you have me?"  How vital it is for fathers to
give their children a sense of personal worth, to let
them know they are loved and needed.
~Robert L. Backman

Secret #103 that a good dad knows, is how to 
raise a daughter that would never dream of
having to ask such questions.  

(He also taught me how to shift 
gears on a motorcycle.)

Dale Hyer, Kris' Father

The words that a father speaks to his children in 
the privacy of home are not heard by the world,
but, as in whispering-galleries, they are clearly
heard at the end and by posterity.
~Jean Paul Richter

Secret #104 that a good dad knows, is how to live
a life where lofty and poetic phrases such as the
one above become a reality...not just a grouping
of pretty words and thoughts.  Though Dale
passed away twenty years ago...his words are being
heard by his posterity.  His son shares them 
with our children.    

(He also taught Kris how to polish his shoes.)

~One Father is more than
a hundred schoolmasters.~

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Love the little book idea- sweet. Again, great thoughts- Thanks for sharing.