26 June 2009

Pillar of Salt?

"The Cousins"
Unlike Lot's wife...looking back can be fun!

Thanksgiving morning in Grandpa and Grandma's
backyard, 1999.  Left to right:  Doug, Ty, Scott,
Jeffrey, and Call.

Into my hearts treasury
I slipped a coin
That time cannot take
Nor thief purloin,

Oh, better than the minting
Of a gold-crowned king
Is the safe-kept memory
Of a lovely thing.

~ Sara Teasdale

Thanksgiving morning.  Same place...same people, 
same rakes and wheelbarrow...
 same love.  Year:  2008

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace
from day to day.

~William Shakespeare


  1. funny how all the boys have their own "Rowan" look...

  2. What a treasure- awesome to get together for the same photo shot- again- sweet.

  3. I remember all of those boys when they were like that.
    I loved being a Rowan girl, but seriously, how fun to be one of the Rowan boys.

  4. Becca. You make me think.....girl cousin post needs to happen! Love you. (Give me a week!)

  5. You are amazing! Do you go looking for this amazing poetry or have it all memorized? How do you do it? Again... you are amazing!