12 June 2009

Kirtland Area

Although this was our second time visiting Kirtland,
we could have stayed and stayed.  It was one of my 
favorite places.  The area is rich with Church History,
it is beautiful to look at, and the sacred spirit
that exists here is undeniable. 

The Community of Christ Church (which owns the Kirtland
Temple) has built a new visitors center since our last visit.  
Following the movie they present to visitors, the curtains in the 
room open to unveil the beautiful temple standing directly
 in front of you.  They have done a beautiful job.   

Significant truths revealed here:
Doctrine and Covenants, Sections 41-44 for sure.
70 and 72 probably
The John Johnson Farm

Significant truths revealed here:
Doctrine and Covenants, Sections 1, 65, 67-69, 71, 73-74
76-81, 99, 133

Not surprisingly, all of the historic Church sites have
been restored and are maintained in the most
expertise and beautiful manner. 

This is the room inside the John Johnson farm where the twins
were sleeping on the night that Joseph was tarred and
feathered.  He would have been sleeping in a small trundle bed
such as the one above with one of the twins. 

**The Church has restored all of the painting on the floor and wall
to its original coloring.  In some of the rooms one can look
at a section of the original wood that reveals the original color.
A matching color was used during renovation.  It is a very 
colorful home which was a a sign of prosperity.

Outside the John Johnson farm.  The porch is the actual
porch that the Prophet Joseph stood on and preached
from the morning after being tarred and feathered.

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