02 May 2009

Yellow...It Shines For You

Yeah, they were all yellow.


My little neighbor.  His mother knows that my favorite color
of a rose is yellow.  For the third year in a row, he has 
appeared at my door with a small bouquet of yellow 
roses from their bush.  Good mama, huh?

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

~~William Shakespeare

Each little flower that opens,
Each little bird that sings,
He made their glowing petals,
He made their tiny wings.


Some years back, we visited The Chapel of the Rosary in
Vence, France with my parents.  The windows of the 
chapel were made by Henri Matisse.  Following 
our trip, my dad surprised me with this 
stained glass window he made patterned after the 
Matisse windows in the chapel.  Yellow and blue 
 have been my favorite colors since I can remember.


  1. That is so preety and really cool that your dad made that, the flowers are beautiful too.

  2. Commenting on Call and his prom dates: he sure knows how to choose the cute ones! What a handsome guy. Would he be completely mortified if you posted a photo of his actual date?

  3. awwww how sweet about the bouquet! what a great neighbor you have! and i aboslutely LOVE that you're quoting coldplay - what a hip mama you are! great pics as always...

  4. The flowers are lovely and I love the quotes.

  5. A rose is just a rose unless it's yellow- =)
    Love your diversity of quotes-
    Happy Day

  6. I love love love the stained glass window/door.

  7. Is there another color for a rose?! Being from Texas the yellow rose has always been my favorite!!! Nice pics!