26 May 2009

A Weekend In Phases: Phase "Water"

You've all heard the phrase "All because two people fell in
love."  Well, here they are.  Meet Bob and Donna.  
In love since the 2nd grade.  Married 60 years
this year.

For 22 years now, Bob and Donna with their branches,
twigs, sprouts, and buds have been meeting in Groveland to celebrate
being a family.  It started with them.  They had five children.  Those
children had 25 children.  And so far, those children have had 16 
children (the newest cousin, Monet' Sophia, was born to
Grant and Hayley just a few weeks ago).  "The Cousins" have
always called each other just that..."The Cousins."  These posts
are for all of the family, but especially those who were 
unable to be with us this year.

Uncle Kris and Anne Marie try to redeem themselves
after last years topple.  Kennebunkport?  Who 
needs Kennebunkport?

Cousins fishing on the dock.  Throughout the years, the faces
of the fishermen have changed...but the mood and the love
remain the same.  (I love Jeffrey's hand on Ty's back.)
Keep scrolling: Below is a family video game 
for everyone to play called
"Name The Cousins."  

More Phases to come....


  1. I like some of the vantage points that the pictures are taken. It looks like you guys had an enjoyable time.

  2. What a wonderful family tradition- and a great place to hold it.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Looks like a ton of fun, Kennebunkport is pretty nice too though.