15 May 2009

Character Counts Squared

This week Call was recognized at an awards ceremony by one
of his teachers.  He participates in a Peer Tutoring class where
he helps disabled students.  He lifts and carries them; he lifts and
carries their wheelchairs and takes care of their special needs in
whatever way he can.  He helps them on and off of the bus.  He talks
to them.  He helps them with their work.  He is their friend.  The 
teacher said that many years he has "passed" on nominating a 
student for this recognition because it has been too difficult to 
choose the individual to honor.  However, he said that this year, Call 
had distinguished himself in an "unusual way with his compassion and
 caring.  If he is absent...it is a minor emergency for me."  This is the 
same young man who used to go around the neighborhood as a young 
boy unloading the neighbors groceries for them.  Just because.
Character, compassion, and kindness do count.

Some people ask "Why get married?  It's just
a piece of paper."  Point missed.  It's what the 
piece of paper represents that matters.
Congratulations, Call.

God uses your faith to mold your character.

Richard G. Scott
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


  1. That does not surprise me about Call. I will never forget the kindness he showed to Dallin on his 8th birthday. He truly is a special guy, Congratulations Call!!!

  2. Good Job Call! We always knew how awesome you were!

  3. We love Call, he is a sweet boy.

  4. He truly is a special young man!