20 April 2009

Ocean Souls of Blue

Glass panels made by one of the world's
most creative artists. 
(R.D. Rowan a.k.a My Father)
Painting by another great modern artist. 
(R.D. Rowan...My Brother)
Blue glass mobile (against blue min-blinds) made
by my Father during his "mobile period."

Uh, No.  Not ours.

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  1. hi,I'm an undergraguate student in KwanDong University in Korea.I dropped here by chance.
    This semester I'm taking the class called"English Poetry.I'm going to presentate this poetry "My heart leaps up" tomorrow.Researching the poetry was very hard.
    But after researchinh that,now I'm happy.
    Because this poetry made me happy.A photo above is your family photo??looks happy.have a lovely day.^^I don't know whether I can visit here again or not.^^