25 March 2009

Time Flies on Wings of Lightning

Ty and Call
Anne Marie

Improve the Shining Moments, don't let them pass you by.
Time Flies on Wings of Lightning!
It comes, then passes forward along its onward track.
Life is quick in passing~~Tis as a single day.

Robert B. Baird


  1. Wow, those pictures bring back memories. How time flies! Welcome to the blog world Marie!

  2. Welcome- so happy to see you blogging-
    Happy Day

  3. Welcome to blogging!
    I still remember all of your kids like that...man it was fun to be little. Sometimes I wish we could all still just hang out at Grandma and Grandpa's, eating popsicles and jumping on the tramp. Those were good days.

  4. When I think of your kids, these are the ages that first come to mind. What great kids. I loved babysitting them. Good memories.